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Welcome to the SAP Hybris MasterClass

This course is designed to take you from knowing nothing about SAP Hybris, to building a full production cluster on the Google Cloud Platform. Developed by SAP Engineers, this course is a real-world exploration of the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite allowing you to become comfortable with the market-leading application from SAP.

What You Will Learn

  • A complete, end to end exploration of SAP Hybris given by Senior SAP Hybris Engineers.
  • Learn how to set up and troubleshoot the most adopted e-commerce suite in the world.
  • Review the background of SAP Hybris including how to run, configure and edit the application.
  • Explore real-world examples of how to build and maintain an SAP Hybris system.
  • Understand the role of an SAP Hybris Developer, System Administrator and Business Analysts in the SAP Hybris world.
  • Assist with your preparation for official SAP Hybris Certifications.

How You Will Learn

Lectures are split between theory and practice. First, we will introduce the concept and explain the theory of the topic. Following this, all lectures have a practical element include a step by step walkthrough on a live SAP Hybris system.

Course Requirements & Prerequisites

  • Students should be familiar with basic computer terminology and processes. 
  • The MasterClass is suitable for beginners and advanced users of SAP, SAP Hybris and other enterprise products.
  • The MasterClass assumes no prior knowledge of SAP or SAP Hybris.
  • Java or SpringFramework knowledge is not required.
  • A background in coding, in any programming language, is not required.
  • Access to a SAP Hybris Suite instance or SAP Software Download Center is not required but is advantageous.

Course Topics

Core – The Basics of SAP Hybris

Section Learning & Outcome

You will discover the background of SAP Hybris, learning the architecture of the system including the Extensions, Layers and Type System. You will review the importance of ImpEx, CronJobs and Apache Solr to system operation. Finally, you will apply this knowledge and learn how SAP Hybris started, updated and deployed in development environments with the help of Apache Ant.


  • SAP Hybris Installation & Cockpit Overview
  • System Set Up & Installation
  • System Architecture
  • Extensions, Layers, Modules & AddOns
  • Type System
  • ImpEx
  • CronJobs
  • Apache Ant – Build & Deploy
  • Apache Solr

Operations – Day to Day Tasks for SAP Hybris

Section Learning & Outcome

This section briefs you on how to run the SAP Hybris system on a day to day basis. You will take a tour of the various cockpits and views that all SAP Hybris users should be familiar with for successful operation of the suite. This will include the Hybris Administration Console, Hybris Management Console and Hybris Backoffice. Following a review of the cockpits, you will delve deeper into the various modes of operation that SAP Hybris can be deployed in including a review of clustering and production landscape design. You will understand the importance of backup, disaster recovery and the update process for SAP Hybris. Finally, you will conclude the section with a review of the SAP Hybris catalogue system for both SmartEdit, WCMS and the Product Cockpit.


  • The Grand System Admin Tour – Hybris Administration Console (hAC), Hybris Management Console (hMC) & Hybris Backoffice (Backoffice)
  • Hybris Modes of Operation
  • Cache & Cluster Operations
  • Productive Landscape Design
  • Integration Scenarios – Tightly & Loosely Coupled Instances, SAP Data Hub, MySQL, SAP HANA, SAP ERP & SAP S/4HANA
  • Hybris System Configuration
  • Back Up & Restore
  • Release Schedule, Updating & Deployment Process with Rolling Update
  • Product Content & Catalog Management
  • SmartEdit & WCM

Performance – Tuning SAP Hybris for the Modern World

Section Learning & Outcome

You will learn from Senior SAP Hybris Engineers as they take you through the important steps of tuning an SAP Hybris system in the real world. You will understand the various parameters and best practices that can be applied to leverage the environment. You will review the SAP recommended monitoring tool Wily Introscope in addition to the third party tool Dynatrace. As a practical outcome, you will conduct a load test with Apache JMeter, including SAP Hybris configurations, and understand the best practices for applying a load test.


  • High-Performance Hybris Tuning
  • SAP Hybris Landscape Security & Hardening
  • Hybris Log File Analysis
  • Installing, Troubleshooting & Monitoring SAP Hybris – Wily Introscope & Dynatrace
  • JMeter & Performance Testing

SAP Hybris Project – Classroom to Production

Section Learning & Outcome

You will build a full, end to end SAP Hybris installation on the Google Cloud Platform including a standalone MySQL Database and Apache Solr nodes. You will then perform a production set up and configuration check with a final load test with Apache JMeter whilst instrumenting the system with Wily Introscope.


  • Basic Landscape Design & Hybris Installation on Google Cloud Platform
  • Two Node Hybris Cluster Set Up
  • MySQL Integration
  • Go Live Checklist & Tuning
  • Basic Performance Testing including JMeter Set Up
  • Monitoring Tool Review – Wily Introscope

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Colin Longworth
Colin Longworth
Senior SAP Hybris Engineer

About the Instructor

Colin worked with SAP SSC Ireland for a number of years in their SAP Hybris division. He was a Senior Support Engineer and Co-Lead in EMEA for the Hybris VPR. He began working for SAP as a Engineer and later in Service Delivery & Consulting, helping companies around the world to implement, run and get the most from their Hybris installations. His recent projects include time in China, Mexico and the USA.

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